Pawesome Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers – Part 2

  1. I don’t know about you but this adorable cat hair pin is definitely on my christmas list. This pin from Urban Outfitters is perfect for a stylish cat lover.
  2. A Panda! Symbolically adopt a Panda for someone in his or her name on the World Wildlife Fund website. This way you can donate to help preserve endangered Pandas and get your holiday shopping done. A $55 donation will get you a plush panda bear, a cute WWF bag, a photo and species card and an official adoption certificate. I mean who doesn’t want a Panda!?


  3. The absolute cutest and funniest book you will ever read! Underwater Dogs is filled with hilarious photos of…you guessed it dogs underwater. The photos are priceless and any animal lover will completely gush over this book.


  4. The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. If you’re animal loving friend is also a book lover then this is the gift for them. The Art of Racing in the Rain is told by the point of view of an adorable dog named Enzo. It’s personally one of my favorite books, it tells the story of life through the eyes of a dog. It is hilarious and also very poignant.  51aqyzJkv1L


  1.  Book an outing at the Meow Parlour in downtown Manhattan for you and a friend, your treat! It’s cheap, only $5 per person for 30 minutes with some of the cutest cats in NYC. The cats are even available for adoption so who knows, maybe you or your friend will end up taking one home. There’s also a café full of delicious cookies, coffee and cat themed treats…like these macaroons. Can you say YUM? Book now at

6. This Ask Me About My Cat T-shirt is a cute way for people to get the hint that you would rather be talking about your cat. I know I would! Available at Kohls Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 6.44.44 PM

7. Sorry, I zoned out again…what was I talking about? Oh yea, this poster definitely belongs in my living room! Available for order on Etsy thinking about dogs again

8. Start off the new year with this adorable Tea Cup pig calendar. If someone doesn’t like this gift…it’s official they have NO soul! This calendar makes each month a little bit cuter!

9. Tickets to The Bronx Zoo! When the weather gets warm take your friend to the Bronx Zoo to see animals you can’t see at home. An adult ticket is $23. 35 online,

10. Grumpy Cat Stuffed Animal/ Boo The Dog Stuffed Animal

Plush versions of the most famous cat and dog on the internet! A stuffed Boo and/or Grumpy Cat will give your friend the perfect cuddle buddy for the winter…who needs people to help you keep warm when you can have animals as cute as these!?


Happy Holidays! – Zeeva Halpern 🙂


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